Welcome to the IsThis.org, a website dedicated to the topic of depression, created to help those, who suffer from one of the world’s most dangerous civilization-related diseases.


The idea behind establishing our portal was to create a place, which would allow everyone interested in the topic of depression to find verified and reliable information. The basic assumption of our website is to comprehensively embrace all aspects of and related to depression. The shape of our website was determined by the lack of place, where both the patients and their relatives would be able to diagnose depression and its stage by means of a test for depression, standardized by a Polish research group, and lack of holistic approach to depression. Comprehensive information regarding diagnosis, as well as steps towards support and treatment methods, enable help for both patients and their families and relatives.

We are familiar with the issue of depression, we are aware that the treatment is difficult and that living with a person affected by it causes a stream of never-ending problems. Therefore we facilitate making further steps in patients’ road to health. We also provide support for families and relatives of those, who suffer from depression.

We offer patients and their closest ones a test, which evaluates the degree of the depression. Information provided in our website enables to thoroughly understand the subject matter and obtain information on causes, symptoms, course and treatment of depression. Moreover, you can also use our social community (facebook , tweeter , instagram , pinterest ) to reach out for help and support, as well as contact with other people, who are going through a similar situation and can share a number of helpful information, both from the perspective of a patient or of his/her family member.

Global community of the patients, actively functioning by means of ISTHIS.ORG platform, capacitates easy access to knowledge and help, which is crucial from the standpoint of efficiently fighting against depression – one of the most dangerous civilization-related contemporary diseases.

Furthermore, our website provides knowledge about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of depression. We constantly extend it to provide our visitors with the latest news in the field of education about the depression.


Behind the portal is Wemenders Foundation, the main statutory objectives of which consist in:

  • Educational activity, broadening the knowledge, building awareness among young people and adults in regard to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization-related diseases
  • Providing support for people seeking help in the area of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization-related diseases
  • Facilitating communication between people seeking help and units providing this help in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization-related diseases
  • Establishing a community of people looking for help and units providing help the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization-related diseases
  • Supporting other projects and functioning parties interested in developing knowledge and actions within the scope of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of civilization-related diseases